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Residential window film

Why install Umisol® window film?

  • The highly reflective properties of the window film lower temperatures. You soon find you’ve saved up to 25% on your cooling costs.
  • In winter, the heat you generate is kept inside, resulting in increased thermal insulation and saving up to 30% on your heating costs.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions (greenhouse gas). You contribute to reducing your ecological footprint.
  • Fast return on investment (ROI).
  • No UV discoloration of your interior furniture and fittings.
  • Extra protection against burglary and injuries from broken glass.
  • The window films admit visible light. No extra lighting is required.
  • Improved comfort.

The sustainable solution in window insulation

Umisol® window films provide effective sunlight protection in summer and energy-efficient thermal insulation in winter, plus a high level of light transmission. These foils keep out the summer heat but let in the light, while their insulating effect reduces heat loss through the windows in winter.

You save energy throughout the entire year and enjoy optimal comfort in both summer AND winter. Refreshing coolness in summer and pleasant warmth in winter. 

Installing Umisol® window film is easier and faster than replacing windows and is achieved without cutting or breaking. It also creates less mess. 

The extremely low thermal absorption means that this window film can also be installed on any kind of glass, even slanting panels. 

These intelligent window films reflect 99% of UV rays, preventing discoloration of your valuable interior. 

The quality foil also provides greater security. Glass is a breakable building material and the slivers can cause serious injury. Large areas of glass in buildings are also very appealing to burglars. Umisol® window films strengthen the surface of the glass and ensure that any broken pieces do not fall out and injure you. Your windows can be maintained and cleaned as usual. 

Umisol® window film comes with a 10-year guarantee. However the life span of this insulating window film is much longer. Accelerated ageing tests by test bureau indicate that Umisol® glass foils have the same appearance and sun-protection and insulating properties after 20 years. All technical specifications of Umisol® window film have been tested according to the applicable EN standards.

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