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Save energy

Umisol® provides energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly window insulation optimized for all seasons.

You create maximum living comfort with refreshing coolness in summer and pleasant warmth in winter. 

The energy consumption and associated costs are reduced intelligently.

The foils are ideal for use in private homes, apartment buildings, commercial buildings and offices.

This intelligent glass insulation technology gives you sun protection, insulation and energy savings all year round.

The energy savings and CO2 reduction achieved mean more profit - an important issue for home owners, renters, facility managers, etc. Global warming resulting from CO2 emissions and the energy costs involved are a key topic throughout the world.

The use of air-conditioning has increased in Europe over recent years and does not look like changing in future. The cost of cooling a building is often more than heating it. And air-conditioning systems are less efficient if they are subject to large temperature differences. Extra capacity is required to compensate in that case. The most obvious source of high temperatures in buildings is solar energy. Installing Umisol® window films reduces the required cooling capacity of the air-conditioning substantially. After the installation of Umisol® window films temperatures drop, and that translates into energy savings of up to 25% per year.

Installing Umisol Group NV window film also greatly improves the thermal insulation of your existing glazing in winter. The heat generated by your heating system is reflected back into the room, so the warmth that would normally be lost through the glass remains in the room. This results in savings on heating costs of up to 30%, depending on the kind of glass. The installation ofUmisol® foils means, then, high energy savings, thermal comfort and reduced CO2 emissions.

Umisol Group NV is committed to sustainable business:

  • Energy costs savings;
  • longer retention of your existing glazing so there is less waste and less use of raw materials (no new glass to install). Not replacing the glass also means no processing or recycling, and therefore extra energy savings.
  • The energy consumed in the manufacture of new glazing is greater than the energy used to produce foil, so that is also saved.
  • The transport costs for foil are very low compared with those for new glazing because glass is heavier and the quantities required are larger.

picture of building with window film

Mansion - Amsterdam (NL)

The front face of this lovely mansion is completely south-facing. The installation of blinds didn't resist the heat from the sun radiating in. On the contrary, they generated local heating which resulted in convection-heating. The installation of Umisol® stopped the troublesome heat, whilst at the same time retaining the optical transparency.

picture of building with window film

Private Residence in Merelbeke

Umisol® has a wide range of applications for private residences. The glass foil lets the light in and keeps the heat from the sun out. And the appearance of your glazing doesn't change. This means that people who live in apartment blocks can install the glass foil without any problems. The heat-radiation is stopped at the window itself, but the optical transparency remains unchanged. Umisol® also offers protection against break-ins. Shards of glass are held together in the event of a breakage, which makes it very difficult for burglars to gain access to a residence.

picture of building with window film

Castle in Linter

Listed buildings such as this castle are grateful to be able to make use of the appearance of Umisol®. The installation of this glass foil does not change the look of the building. Umisol® resists 99% of the ultraviolet radiation and blocks up to 93% of the troublesome infrared heat radiation. This unique combination ensures that there can be no more discolouration of curtains, flooring, furniture, etc. Because most listed buildings don't have any cooling systems, the internal temperature can get very high. The whole building is heated up which can lead to thermal discomfort. Umisol® can result in differences up to 10 degrees °c in buildings with no cooling systems.

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