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European headquarters and shopping malls have installed Umisol® window films.

Following the good example of the European Commission more and more European headquarters and shopping malls have had their windows covered with Umisol® in the fight against global warming and the rising costs of petrol. Since 2.300 m² of windows of the European Commission DG Environment building in Brussels were covered with the sun-resistant and energy-saving sputtered window film, it has already reached its saving standards.
Not only does Umisol® make energy savings of 30% in the summer and winter possible, it also contributes to a huge drop in CO2 emissions, which cause massive amounts of greenhouse gases.

Companies that use Umisol® have noticed spectacular CO2 reductions:
• DHL Worldwide European Headquarters: 2.500 m², CO2 reduction of 195.000 Kg/year
• Tour Generali, 4.000 m² - 312.000 Kg/year
• Swiss Réassurance (Paris), 1.000 m² - 70.000 Kg/year
• ING Shopping Center, 1.500 m² - 117.000 Kg/year
• Toyota-Lexus Europe, 1.000 m² - 78.000 Kg/year
• Dr. Oetker Bielefeld, 1.100 m² – 82.000 Kg/year

Umisol® is a revolutionary Belgian concept that offers an innovative and environmentally friendly solution for heat and building control. The window film consists of high quality laminated layers of polyester that are applied to the inside of glazing while keeping the optic ideal. More importantly, it blocks up to 93% of infrared heat rays out and lowers the indoor temperature, providing maximum comfort. The UV rays are blocked at 99%, which does not discolour carpets, furniture or works of art. Glare on computer and TV screens are also a thing of the past.
Umisol® is also the only producer that can place the efficient heat-resistant film on vertical glazing as well as inclined glazing.

Umisol® acts as a perfect Kyoto solution for businesses without air conditioning or a cooling system. For those who do use something, their system in springtime and surely in the summer will be working at 100% capacity, producing a heavy energy bill. This results in a lack of thermal comfort and diminished work performance. Moreover, air conditioning is not beneficial for one's health or the environment. Based on the new climate model that takes into account the greenhouse effect, in the coming decade Europe will be more often afflicted by abnormal heat waves, leading to additional use of air conditioning systems, therefore creating extra emissions.

Energy savings for buildings equipped with air conditioning and Umisol® can amount to of 30% from May to October. Their return on investment can already be realised after 2 to 3 years. Sometimes, even more quickly, given the rising costs of petrol. In the summer Umisol® lowers temperature, as the solar heat is reflected outside. During the winter, the effect works both ways. Thanks to its unique composition, the accumulated heat is then kept in the room, providing average energy savings of up to 30% in the winter, depending on the type of glazing.

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