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Tour Lilleurope saves energy by installing 7.000 m² Umisol sun shielding glass foils.

Buildings with large window panes are important energy consumers. The air-conditioning often runs in ‘overdrive’ in order to avoid a greenhouse effect, resulting in excessive CO2 emission and a lofty energy bill. Alternatives such as screening or obscuration create a dark space perception and additionally generate extra energy costs due to extra artificial lighting. Natural light is still important, but at the same time the thermal comfort for the visitor has to remain ideal at approximately 21°C, for a pleasantly fresh feeling in the summer and a sufficiently warm environment in the winter. So it comes down to finding a sun blocking, insulating and energy saving solution that pays off the whole year round.

Tour lilleuropeThe ‘Tour Euralille’ building is a 110 m high office building consisting of 25 floors. The building offers 24,000 m² of office space. This prestigious tower is situated in the very centre of the business district Euralille (France) At the end of 2009 its owner, BNP Paribas, decided to have 7,000 m² of windows lined with the sun-reflecting Umisol® glass foils of Umisol Group NV from Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

Umisol Group NV/SA is the European market leader in the field of high-technology, intelligent performance glass foils that fit in an overall concept of energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions. Result? The convenience of advice, installation and long-term guarantee.

The Umisol Optimus glass foils are spectrally selective glass foils with spectacular sun shielding properties and also a very good insulating effect during winter. The revolutionary technology results in highly heat reflecting glass foils with a superior optical clarity and very low heat absorption. The Umisol® glass foils are composed of 5 corrosion proof precious metal alloys and a protective layer. Each layer reflects a specific frequency in the sun light without the quality of the light being affected.
The glass foils reduce the costs of your air conditioning system. Installation of Umisol® Clear View glass foils greatly reduces the cooling capacity that is required of an airco system. This way your air conditioning installation uses considerably less energy, which is good news both for the environment and your budget.

During winter, the inside heath (which is normally lost through vast glass expanses) is reflected into the room, which results in an average saving of up to 30% on heating costs, depending on the glass type. As a result, rises in temperature of 2°C up to 4°C are feasible. This is why the foils are also applied on the northern sides of building.

Also UV radiation can be blocked for 99%, which avoids discolouration of carpets, furniture and artwork. This intelligent foil is always applied on the inside of the glazing and is suitable for any type of glass, even slanted glazing

Umisol Group NV has already lined a.o. 2,300 m² of windows with glass foil in the building of the European Commission-Environment DG in Brussels, where the Climate Change and Kyoto department is accommodated, and the window panes of the dome-shaped building of European Parliament. Also, Umisol Group NV recently refurbished quite some government buildings with a Umisol touch in collaboration with the federal energy services company FEDESCO (

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