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DHL Worldwide Headquarters orders 2.500m² of Umisol® windowfilm to be installed.

DHL is world leader in the field of international express transportation and overland shipment.
Because of their position, the offices at its seat in Diegem have the sun shining in throughout the day. As a result, the well known "glass house effect" used to be felt in the months of May through October. Umisol® received the order to apply 2.500 m² of foil in the offices, with the result of a guaranteed Return on Investment.

The foil is a hyper-insulant, is self-adherent and is to be applied to the inner side of glass surfaces; it is invisible and appropriate for any type of glass. It is also suitable for vertical or slanting glazing and glass porches.

Umisol® is composed of 5 corrosion free layers of precious metalalloys and a protective coating.
Each of those layers reflects a specific frequence in the sun light, without the quality of the light being affected. The foil is invisible and reflects the sun light the same way glass does.

In summer it provides reflection of sun heat, forcing temperatures inside a building go down with up to 10 degrees Celsius.
As the air conditioning system has to work less often, this results in huge savings in energy costs. In winter time the foil reflects the interior heat that is usually lost through large sheets of glass, towards the inside.

This thermal insulation considerably reduces heating costs. That's why the foil should also be applied on the north-facing side of a building.

Besides delivering the foil and engineering Umisol Group NV/Ltd Company also provides audits and thorough follow-up, both during the winter months and in summer time, leaving a useful long term analysis of the situation.

Total costs are, of course, depending on the total glass surface and on accessibility, but savings on the energy invoice can amount amount up to 25% per year plus a possible Return on Investment in a period going from 1 to 3 years. The company warranty on the foil and engineering is valid for 10 years.

Next to its insulating capacities, the foil has other additional advantagesalso: The reflection of the UV rays almost completely eliminates the discolouring or the ageing of carpets, of furniture or works of art effected by sun rays. Furthermore there is less indirect lighting and reflection in image screens, which increases the working comfort.

And in case of breach of glass, the keeps the glass surface together, thus increasing security.

In summer Umisol® can make temperatures drop, reflecting the sun heat towards the outside. In winter time the effect works both ways. Owing to its unique composition, the warmth produced by the heating system is being reflected back into the room. In winter energy savings can amount up to 30%, depending on the type of glass.

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