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Hilton Hotel Vienna installs 1.000 m² of sun-resistant and energy-saving Umisol® window films

Hilton Hotel Vienna installs 1.000 m² of sun-resistant and energy-saving Umisol® window films

Umisol® window films block up to 93% of the infrared heat rays and lower the temperature.
The window films reduce the costs of your climate control : in the summer they keep the sun out and in the winter they keep the warmth in.

The Hilton Hotel Vienna saves up to 30% in energy consumption, installing the Umisol® window films. In total 1.000 m² were installed. This results in an energy-saving of 230.000 KWH each year and a reduction of the CO2-emissions of 72.000 Kgr. each year. Umisol® window films keep the warmth outside during summer, and keep the warmth inside during winter.

Hilton Hotels attach a lot of importance to the protection of the environment worldwide. In 2001, the Hilton-program "we care" was started, where environment-friendly measures were put into practice. "By the installation of Umisol® window films our environment-friendly program was concluded in a perfect manner", thus Mr.Bernhard Botlik, director of the Hilton Hotel Vienna.

Mr. Ingo Linke, Facility manager of the Hilton Hotel Vienna: "Although much progress was achieved in the field of the heat insulation of the building, the windows always remained our weakest spot." Mr. Botlik fills on "During the summer the sun heat comes in and warms up the rooms, as a result of which we are obliged to put the air-conditioning into function. In the winter cold air comes in, and we are obliged to heat the rooms."

Umisol® window films work as a filter. Warmth radiation up to 22°C still passes through, but above that temperature the sun heat is filtered. How higher the outside temperature, how higher the drop of temperature caused by Umisol®.

At tests in the Hilton Hotel Vienna, in a room without the film and a room with the films, temperature differences up to 10°C were measured.

"Hotel guests are more and more interested in environment-friendly rooms and choose a hotel on this basis. Mr. Botlik :"The installation of the Umisol® window films makes Hilton a precursor in the field of environmental protection"

Umisol Group NV is currently European market leader in energy-saving window films and handles the development and distribution. The Umisol® window films are tested according to European standards (NBNEN410).

About 500 buildings were already equipped with the film in Europe, among which the European Commission, DG environment and Kyoto in Brussels.
Their return on investment can already be realised after 2 to 3 years. Sometimes, even more quickly, given the rising costs of petrol.
The window film is very transparent and stops the fading of furniture and valuable goods.

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