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Classified building: Magritte Museum installs Umisol®

In classified buildings it is not possible to replace the existing glazing by new glazing, the view of the building can not be changed.

Umisol® has the ideal solution for this: a colourless but intelligent window film that will reduce the costs of your climate control and who preserves the view of the building.

The new Magritte museum that is located on the Place Royale in Brussels will open his doors for the general public in spring 2009.

The classified building exists out of 3 floors and has been entirely renovated.
In summer the old glazing parties ensure an enormous reheating of the building and in winter the building loses his accumulated warmth by the bad thermal insulation of the glazing, which results in high energy-costs.
Because the view of the Magritte museum can not be changed, they decided to install Umisol® window films.

This intelligent film is not only colourless but in summer the foil blocks the infrared heat-rays up to 93% and lowers the temperature.
In winter the thermal insulation of the existing glazing will be improved which results in energy-savings up to 30%.

Furthermore Umisol® window films block 99% of the ultra-violet rays, so you no longer risk the discolouring or fading of furniture, art, ...
This is an important factor within the Magritte museum, they will present 200 works by the surrealist painter, René Magritte. (the bilboquet, the apple, symbol of SABENA).

In Short: The film will ensure that there is no discolouration and that the temperature in the building stays comfortable all year long. This will create a pleasant work comfort, but the many visitors can also enjoy a pleasant temperature within the building. This while the historical aspect of the building is preserved.

Umisol® can not lead to energy-savings of up to 33% energy-savings in summer and winter, it also ensures a very large reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, responsible for the massive emission of greenhouse gases.

The rising of the fuel prices makes the time span of the "return on investment" possible after 2 or 3 years.

Umisol® is currently European market leader in energy-saving window films and handles the development and distribution.

The Umisol® window films are tested according to European standards (NBNEN410).
The past years a lot of projects in office and residential buildings were realised with Umisol® window films, hospitals, hotels, museums,...where the energy-savings properties were proved extended.


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