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Corelio (former VUM) chooses sun-resistant and energy-saving Umisol® window films

In existing buildings it isn't always possible to replace the windows.
The solution : a window film with a low emissivity, that protects against the sun and behaves like extra-insulating glazing with sun-control.

Umisol® window films blocks up to 93% of the infrared heat rays and lower the temperature.

In the building of Corelio (former VUM) the staff suffered from high internal temperatures, and so an thermal incomfort was created, and that leads to reduced work performances.
Corelio chose to fit their existing glazing with 950 m² Umisol® Clear window films.

In spite of the technical evolution of glazing, the capacity to reflect solar energy remains weak. Normal glazing has a reflection of the solar energy of maximum 14%. Plus, in our climate, most of the glazing has an insulating function, and needs to keep the warmth in during winter. Annoying is that, in the summer, this warmth also stays inside. She is absorbed through walls, floors and furniture.
An overheating which leads to a greenhouse effect, which results in an increase of the internal temperatures.

Consequence: in the summer the air conditioning regularly works in overdrive, and that day and night.

The solution is to reduce the solar energy through the windows, before it enters the building.
Umisol® blocks up to 93% of the infrared heat rays and lowers the internal temperature.
And thus, in the summer energy-savings up to 30% are obtained, which also leads to an enormous reduction of the CO2-emissions.

The foil also behaves in an intelligent manner according to the season.
The solar factor varies depending on the exhibition angle to the sun. In the summer this factor is lower (larger exhibition angle) and more sun rays are blocked, and so the greenhouse effect is stopped. In the winter this factor is higher (smaller exhibition angle) and so the foil favors the supply of sun rays. This results in considerable savings on heating costs in the winter.

Corelio (former VUM) is the largest newspaper editor of Belgium, with papers such as "De Standaard", "De Gentenaar" and "Het Nieuwsblad".
Outside newspapers Corelio also edits following journals : "De Standaard Magazine", "Pas-Uit", "het Niewsblad Magazine" and "Keskipas".

Corelio publishing company has a participation of 40% in "Woestijnvis" (TV-programmes such as "Man bijt hond", "de Pappenheimers", "De Slimste Mens ter Wereld" and "Van Vlees en Bloed").

Umisol Group NV is currently European market leader in energy-saving window films and handles the development and distribution. The Umisol® window films are tested according to European standards (NBNEN410).

About 500 buildings were already equipped with the film in Europe, among which the European Commission, DG environment and Kyoto in Brussels.
Their return on investment can already be realised after 2 to 3 years. Sometimes, even more quickly, given the rising costs of petrol.
The window film is very transparent and stops the fading of furniture and valuable goods.

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