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Energy-efficient buildings thanks to Umisol® infrared window filters

A sustainable and smart economy starts with the efficient use of our energy resources. For example through better insulating the windows of buildings. Umisol from Sint-Niklaas developed an infrared window filter, which the company recently fitted on the windows of the Trade Mart building in Brussels.

Our contemporary architecture has many handsome buildings whose facade sometimes exists to 90% of glass. That is very nice and creates a lot of natural light, but also results in possible overheating of the interior space and a certain risk with regard to glass breakage in case of accidents and terrorist attacks. Since 2001 Umisol from Sint-Niklaas is specialized in the production of spectrally selective infrared (IR) films and double-laminated safety films.

The climate objectives of Europe are very ambitious: by 2020 our market economy needs a 20% smarter use of energy. By 2030, the bar is even higher, at 27 to 30%. Finally to achieve a low-carbon economy by 2050, with up to 80 to 95% less CO2 emissions than in 1990. According to European sources, about 40% of the energy consumption exists in buildings, especially in the many towering buildings of companies and governments. A majority of them are wasting too much energy through inadequate heating and cooling systems, poor insulation and inadequate single or double glazing.

An improvement of the glazing using Umisol® IR filters is one of the opportunities to obtain eco-friendly buildings. After an energy audit by expertise office Ph. Deplasse & Associés the windows of the Trade Mart building were recently equipped with 1,600sqm Umisol® IR filters. To meet the requirements of energy efficiency and sustainability existing buildings can obtain a second life.

Sunlight in & heat outside

The Umisol® IR filter reflects the warmth of the sun, so a more constant temperature is maintained in the building and the air conditioning has to work less hard. This is especially interesting in highly insulated buildings, because there it’s hard to get the temperature down. During the winter the window filter also protects against heat losses, which is beneficial for less insulated infrastructure. The dual action saves up to 25% on cooling costs and up to 30% on the heating bill.

Umisol installed its IR window filter all over Europe. More and more enterprises are aware of their waste of energy, and take action . But not only because Europe’s demands alone, but also for the comfort of their employees. For them it is important that the building in which they work is healthy and that they can work comfortably with plenty of daylight. By reducing the consumption of cooling systems substantially and a significantly improvement of the thermal comfort (even if no AC is present) Umisol contributes significantly to this purpose. The IR filters are also exceptionally transparent so no daylight is lost.

Trade Mart Brussels is a permanent center for professionals in fashion and interior design, centrally located in the heart of Europe. It not only acts as a showcase for the latest national and international trends as well as exchange space that inspires and energizes the market. The Trade Mart Center with a flooring of 215.000m² is an indispensable economic market instrument and is an excellent place to spot emerging trends. Not only do they reach the expected energy-savings, the Umisol® IR filters also provide a pleasant thermal comfort to their employees and visitors.

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