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Frequent questions about Umisol® window films

Why install Umisol® window films?

  • To keep out the heat, while letting in the visible light.
  • Significant cost-savings on the climate control (summer and winter)
  • Improvement of thermal work comfort.
  • Reduction of reflections on monitor screens
  • To reduce fading of the interior
  • Added security against burglary and injuries from broken glass shards
  • The windowfilms let visible light in, there is no need for additional lighting

What about air-conditioning?

In warm periods every climate control installation runs on full power with a heavy energy bill as a consequence. This results in a lack of thermal comfort and reduced labour performances. Besides that, air-conditioning is not favorable for your health, nor the climate. Umisol® window films block up to 93% of the infrared heat rays, lower the temperature and insure a maximum optical clarity. The window film reduces the cost of your climate control: during the summer it keeps the heat from the sun out and during the winter it keeps the warmth in. This means your climate control will use significantly less energy and that's good news for both the environment and your budget.

Do Umisol® window films also have an effect during the winter?

After the installation of Umisol® window films, the thermal insulation of your existing windows is improved substantially. The accumulated heat which is normally lost through the glass panes is then kept in the room, providing average energy savings on heat costs up to 30%, depending on the type of glazing. This generates a quick Return on Investment. By its unique composition, the film reflects the sun-heat in the summer and increases the thermal isolation in the winter and keeps the warmth in the room.

Do Umisol® window films have an impact on the visible light?

Umisol® window films have an exceptional transparency and the appearance of your almost windows does not change. This window film ensures maximum optical clarity, and can even be installed in classified buildings

Do Umisol® window films change the view of the building?

Umisol® window films have an exceptional transparency and the appearance of your windows does not change. This window film ensures maximum optical clarity, and can even be installed in classified or historical buildings.

Can Umisol® window films be installed on slanting glazing?

Umisol® window films can be installed on every flat glass type. Because of its very low heat absorption Umisol® can also be installed on slanting glazing. Because of this, during the summer the temperature in sun lounges can be reduced by up to 10°C.

Do Umisol® window films stop the fading of my interior?

Fading of interiors is mainly caused by ultraviolet rays and Infrared radiation. Umisol® window films block 99% of the ultraviolet rays and up to 93% of the infrared rays. Umisol® window films completely stop the discolouring of your interior, furniture, art work...

Which impact has the installation of Umisol® window films on the plants in the house?

The installation of Umisol® window films has absolutely no adverse effect on plants in the house. On the contrary, Umisol® protects the plants and flowers against harmfull heat rays of the sun.

How are Umisol® window films installed?

The windows are cleaned thoroughly with especially to this end developed solutions. Afterwards the window films are cut out and installed by skilled professional installers to the inside of the window. There is no cutting or breaking and thus any nuisance is restricted to the minimum.

Can I myself install the Umisol® window films?

The Umisol® window films are always installed by professional and certified installers. So you can enjoy a guarantee of 10 years.

How is the maintenance of my windows done after the installation?

Umisol® window films are provided with a scratch resistant layer. You can use any kind of liquid detergents or all-purpose cleaners, with the exception of acids or ammonia.

Return on Investment?

Umisol® window films save energy through the entire year. For buildings with air-conditioning the Return on Investment often amounts to 2 - 3 years. For buildings without air-conditioning the Return on Investment often amounts to 4 - 5 years. However, you immediately have the enjoy of an optimal thermal comfort.

What is the guarantee on Umisol® window films?

Umisol® comes with a 10 year warranty. This warranty is equal to the warranty offered by glass producers. The life span of the Umisol® window films is much higher.

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