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Window film investment and ROI

Modern architecture calls for high standards in glazing. But areas of glass are also major energy consumers. Air-conditioners go into “overdrive” to counter the “greenhouse effect”, leading to excessive CO2 emissions and big energy bills. Alternatives such as blinds create an extra energy cost because they require artificial lighting. In addition, they often generate local heat storage and convection currents. What’s needed is a sun-protection, insulating and energy-saving solution that works throughout the whole year.

In summer Umisol® window insulation blocks up to 93% of infra-red heat rays, resulting in a considerable drop in temperature.
Umisol® works like a filter. Radiant heat is admitted until the temperature reaches +/- 21°C; the heat from the sun is filtered out above that figure.
The installation of Umisol® solar film substantially reduces the cooling capacity required from air-conditioning.
Your climate control uses less energy and can lead to savings on air-conditioning use of up to 25%.
In winter, the heat you generate is kept inside, resulting in increased thermal insulation and saving up to 30% on your heating costs.
Upgrading the windows in buildings with Umisol® films can reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling by as much as 30%.
The best result will be achieved if foil is installed on all windows that let in the sun’s rays.
Umisol Group NV has a large portfolio of buildings with proven energy savings and profitable ROIs, including the European Commission, Environment and Kyoto Department.

The intelligent window film in practice: 

At 24 storeys, the ABN AMRO BANK HQ is one of the 10 highest buildings in Amsterdam.
When it opened in 1999, the building had a glazed area of 45% and was air-conditioned.
Umisol Group NV received a contract to install heat-protection solar film on the East, South and West façades of this prestigious bank building. The installation of this film brought in a profit of 11 €/m²/ year.
Because of the energy savings and the EIA investment deductions, the Umisol® solar film quickly paid for itself.
ABN AMRO BANK has recently received the sustainability label for buildings BREEAM and is known for its excellence in Green Building practice and performance. Read more.

Glasfolie GlaxoSmithKline window film
GlaxoSmithKline installed thermal window film from Umisol® to insulate its site.
This transparent foil achieves maximum insulation and keeps the temperature as constant as possible, with heat protection in winter and cooling in summer. Thanks to the installation of Umisol® window insulation, up to 30% energy can be saved in the case of GlaxoSmithKline, representing an annual yield of 1,946,918 kWh in electricity consumption and a considerable reduction in the CO2 emissions responsible for the mass release of greenhouse gases.
Read more.

European Commission, Environment, Climate Control and Kyoto Department
The European Commission has reached an agreement on measures to combat global warming: Europe must use 20% less energy by 2020 and thereby also reduce CO2 emissions by 20%. The building for the European Commission’s Environment Department in Brussels, where the Climate Change and Kyoto Department are housed, has already installed 2,300 m² of Umisol® geïnstalleerd.
Between 28 August and 2 September 2006, measurements were taken in the offices of the European Commission by the independent ATTENTIA agency and temperature reductions of up to 8.1° C recorded thanks to Umisol®.

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