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Amsterdam, 19 juni 2014

Umisol® offers ABN AMRO BANK HQ a new approach to energy-efficiency applying sustainable solar films.

Umisol®films save energy. Policymakers should also encourage its use to reduce CO2 emissions.

Annual profit of 11 €/m²
For the insulation of the head office in South-Amsterdam ABN AMRO BANK installed around 12,000m² Umisol® solar films. This extremely efficient insulating and transparent film permits maximum insulation in order to maintain the most constant temperature. UMISOL® solar films offer effective solar control properties during summer and an energy-efficient thermal insulation during winter. Applying this film creates a profit of 11 €/m²/year. The Umisol®solar films generate significant annual energy-savings and are part of the solution against Global Warming.

EIA Investment Deduction and BREEAM

The ABN AMRO BANK head office is one of the 10 tallest buildings in the capital and has 24 floors. It was put into use in 1999 and has a glass percentage of 45%. The total building is air-conditioned. Umisol Group NVgot the order for applying heat-resistant window film on the East, South and West facade of this prestigious bank building. Due to the energy-savings and the obtained EIA-investment deduction the Umisol® solar films generated a quick payback. ABN AMRO BANK recently received the BREEAM sustainability label for buildings and is being recognized for the excellence in Green Building practice and performance.


Umisol Group NV develops high-tech spectrally selective solar films, fitting in a total concept of energy-savings and CO2-reduction. Policymakers, Facility Managers and Building Owners are looking for easy-to-implement energy-efficient upgrades. Improving the window performances in buildings with Umisol® films can reduce energy consumptions of cooling and heating up to 30%. Umisol Group NV has a large portfolio of buildings with proven achieved energy-savings and profitable ROI's, like the European Commission, Department Environment and Kyoto.


  • High heat resistant-properties. You quickly generate up to 25% on your cooling costs, creating a comfortable and improved work environment for your employees .
  • Strong improvement of the thermal insulation in winter. You can save up to 30 % on heating costs.
  • Fast payback and profitable ROI.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions. Your contribution to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Light pollution reduction. The light trespass from the building is reduced.

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